Recent news and announcements

June 2021: We are delighted to have received the 2021 Dalton Division Horizon Prize:

March 2021: We are pleased to announce the 17th International Conference on Molecule Based Magnets (ICMM2021) is now open for registration:

February 2021: See our {Cr24Cu7} Molecular Sea-Serpent rise from the depths in our latest publication:

August 2019: We are delighted to announce that the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry has awarded the 2020 Bruker Prize to Prof. David Collison. The nominations emphasised David's seminal contributions to experimental and theoretical fundamentals of transition metal EPR, from bioinorganic chemistry to molecular materials, including his authoritative textbook. Crucially, they also stressed his important and selfless work in developing, supporting and nurturing the EPR community throughout his career. As co-founder and director of the successful EPSRC UK National EPR Facility, he has fostered collaboration not only between EPRists, but also between the EPR and wider science communities. This has had significant impact in widening the application base and popularising applications of EPR across the scientific spectrum.

Congratulations to Prof. Eric McInnes who is a 2019 Tilden Prize Winner. This was for his seminal contributions to the electron paramagnetic spectroscopy of transition metal compounds.

Dr Nick Chilton has become the first UK laureate of The European Institute of Molecular Magnetism's seventh Olivier Kahn International Award.

Recent graduations

Congratulations to Selena Lockyer on completion of her PhD, she recently graduated and now continues research within the magnets group.

Also graduating from the magnets group were Ana-Maria Ariciu (pictured second from right), Daniel Sava (pictured right) and Guillem Brandariz de Pedro (pictured second from left). Congratulations to them and best wishes for their future.

Recent awards

Congratulations to Prof. David Collison on being awarded the Bruker Lecture 2020 Prize